Langkasuka Day – Cultural Runaway

CULTURAL RUNAWAY is a unique experience, showcasing the multifaceted possibilities of Malaysian traditional costumes and textiles for various repurposing while demonstrating their relevance in today’s modern world. Malaysian Craft Council (MCC) invites audience to interact with two amazing speakers, experts and connoisseurs of the Nusantara textiles and Malay traditional attires-John Ang and Zubaidah Sual. The […]

Langkasuka Day – Mak Yong Theatre

Mak Yong Theatre is a traditional Malay Theatre with the title ‘Raja Besar Maha Gading’ played by the Pak Yong Negara (The Country’s Official Pak Yong) Rosnan Rahman and Malaysian known local celebrity Arja Lee with Makyong Kijang Emas Group of JKKN Kelantan. Malaysian Craft Council managed to break the taboo and brought the traditional […]

Langkasuka Food Galore

Langkasuka was a grand kingdom, rich not just in natural and trade resources but also in its artistic expression, cultural system and aesthetic values. The cuisine of Langkasuka is a reflection of the kingdom’s grandeur and its exquisite taste. Each dish is delicately prepared using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients-harmoniously balanced, significantly enveloped with meaningful […]

Pulau Sri

Pulau Sri is an original multi-disciplinary performance combining spoken word, theatre and music to present a contemporary interpretation of the famous Mahsuri legend. Developed, produced and performed by an all-female ensemble, Pulau Sri is inspired by the Mek Mulung–an 18th century Kedahan theatrical art form. Directed by spoken word poet Sheena Baharudin and musician Takahara Suiko, […]

Live Session with Raja Shariman

Pelita Hati aims to depict educational videos showing method of producing artworks and other metal objects using the traditional metal forging technique. This metal forging technique will be crafted by Malaysia’s well known and experienced sculptor, Raja Shahriman bin Raja Aziddin. He will be the instructor and mentor in the production of these educational videos. […]