Established in 2016, SUKASENI focuses on creating various programme platforms specifically for local crafters/artists to participate in any organised markets, souks or bazaars. With the sole purpose of developing and uplifting local crafters, SUKASENI instills cultural insight in any programme e.g., cultural performances or instrumental demonstrations. With nearly 7 years in the industry, we have assisted artists in the industry to develop and market their products to a wider audience. SUKASENI is managed by an event company called ESM KL Sdn. Bhd. consisting of 5 employees and assistants. 

Krafkita Craft-making Video Tutorial

Krafkita is a virtual programme consisting of a step-by-step, educational craft-making video with an approach catered for the millennial generation. The programme will make use of various mobile applications targeted to those from 12 to 25 years of age e.g. Instagram and Tiktok. A 5-minute short video will show viewers how to make their own DIY projects such as Wau making, fabric dye t-shirts, handmade soap, art lessons and plenty more. The videos will be published on every first day of the week throughout a 3-month campaign. There will be a total of 12 crafters demonstrating the process: introducing skills and techniques of each craft. With emphasis on traditional craft making, Krafkita is confident of its project’s educational purpose in creating and enhancing awareness of Malaysia’s arts, culture and heritage.

Check out Krafkita at ArtsFAS 2021!

This event is supported by Yayasan Hasanah.

12 October 2021
5 October 2021

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