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Cheng Yen Pheng

Cheng Yen Pheng is a visual artist whose works are intimate and autobiographical and reflect upon the struggles of life-the difficult decisions, the reconciling of realities, and the overcoming loss.

The artist places herself as a storyteller, as she connects the dots between different events encountered and major life-changing decisions settled through time. Echoing distinct themes ranging from femininity, maternity, motherhood, life and death, to her transition from the city to the “kampong” life, her work moves beyond expression, as it also serves as the artist’s realization of her inner metamorphosis, while unfolding the joy and struggle as an individual, but also a woman, mother, and artist.

BaiZam Generation

“BaiZam Generation” was officially established in 2008 as a group active in dance staging and performance. The “BaiZam Generation” service is always in demand for performances such as Mak Yong, Mek Mulung, Wayang Kulit, Dikir barat, Traditional Dance, Folk Songs and Traditional Poetry, Selampit and Main Teri. Apart from that, it also provides contemporary performance services in various forms of traditional performance genres. 

“BaiZam Generation” is a family group consisting of Kamarul Baisah, Zamzuriah Zahari and children, namely Kamarul Baihaqi, Kamarul Baituttah and Kamarul Baiquni. Each of them has been blessed with talents ranging from singing, dancing, acting andrplaying a musical instrument. As the Company Holder, Kamarul Baisah is also active in the field of music direction, theatre and also specialises in playing traditional musical instruments. Zamzuriah Zahari serves as a choreographer, actress and singer. “BaiZam Generation” has made a name for itself by performing locally and abroad.

‘Panggilan Lang’ Wayang Kulit Performance

This project is a collaboration between visual artist Cheng Yen Pheng and traditional performing arts troupe, BaiZam Generation to create a Wayang Kulit performance that tells the story of ‘Wau Lang’.

Upon discovery of the ‘Wau Lang’; a distinctive type of Wau (kite) that is only made and played by a specific community in Chendering, Terengganu during the monsoon season, Cheng Yen Pheng decided to create a visually engaging and imaginative narrative that will highlight the ‘Wau’s’ cultural and social significance.

The collaboration process involves story development, character design and puppet making culminating in a Wayang Kulit performance entitled ‘Panggilan Lang’, which will be recorded as an online video. The duo will additionally offer a behind-the-scenes video, which will include footage of the collaborative process and interviews with the visual artist and the ‘Dalangs’. The online screening event will end with a dialogue session with the participating artists.

Catch their traditional Wayang Kulit performance at our ArtsFAS 2021!

This event is supported by Yayasan Hasanah.

Catch Round Flat Art Studio in ArtsFAS
When the Land Tortoises Meet the Sea Turtles: “Panggilan Lang”
Round Flat Art Studio
18 December 2021

Latest Achievement

  • Cheng Yen Pheng

      • 2019 UOB Painting of the Year (MALAYSIA) Award
      • 2013 Finalist for Bakat Muda Sezaman, Balai Seni Lukis Negara
      • 2010 Artist in Residence, House of Matahati, Kuala Lumpur
  • BaiZam Generation

    1. Kamarul Baihaqi Bin Hussin (Young Dalang)

      • 2019, Bakshi International Art Festival Organizing Committee of The Republic of Uzbekistan - Youngest Participant of the Bakshi International Art Festival
      • 2019, Pantai Genting, Tumpat, Kelantan - Wayang Kulit Performance at Kelantan State Festival
      • 2017, Pusat Seni Pentas Tradisional ASWARA - Participant of “Gema Seni Tradisional: Wayang Kulit Budak”
      • 2018, Guangzhou Museum, China - Wayang Kulit Performance

    2. Kamarul Baisah (old dalang)

      • 2010, Participant of Asia Pacific Performance Exchange Fellowship Residency program (APPEX)

Latest Coverage

The Star, 22 August 2020 - This annual art event invites artists in Malaysia to reflect on 'solidarity' theme
YouTube, 2019 - 2019 UOB Painting of the Year - Cheng Yen Pheng (Artist's Studio)
Berita TV9, 2017 - Sanjungan: Kamarul Baihaqi
Berita Harian, 29 Oktober 2017 - Tok dalang cilik 7 tahun
Berita Harian, 16 May 2016 - All in the family

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