Persatuan Seni Kreatif Budaya Warisan Estetik Pulau Pinang (Sekenet)

Performing Arts & Culture, Theatre Performance

The Penang Aesthetic Heritage Culture Creative Arts Association (SEKENET) was established in 2007. Based in Penang, Malaysia, the association consists of 61 members with various artistic talents. The establishment of this association exists on the initiative of old and new art activists to venture into the field of art to highlight and develop existing talents. The main specialisation of Sekenet is to elevate and introduce traditional and modern theatre to the community as well as to enliven theatre in Malaysia. Apart from theatre, the association also focuses on other arts such as dance, fine arts, tv, film and others as well as holding cultural, arts and heritage programmes that will hopefully become a medium to broaden the minds of activists and art enthusiasts and invite them to be more creative in realising and understanding art.

Corpse Theatre Performance

Sekenet will perform a Corpse theatre performance determined to preserve, maintain, and expand performing arts. Corpsing is a theatrical method for unintentionally laughing during a non-humorous performance. The association aims to emphasise the method through various metaphorical elements within their performance so that the audience can enjoy and appreciate the aesthetics and depth.

Enjoy their invigorating performance at ArtsFAS 2021!

This event is supported by Yayasan Hasanah.

Catch Persatuan Seni Kreatif Budaya Warisan Estetik Pulau Pinang (Sekenet) in ArtsFAS
Seni Budaya Digital: Pementasan Teater Mayat (Online Premiere)
Persatuan Seni Kreatif Budaya Warisan Estetik Pulau Pinang (Sekenet)
14 November 2021

Latest Achievement

  • 2019, Penang State Narration
    Panca Delima yang Hilang theatre (Tokoh Tan Sri P.Ramlee) – Third place

  • 2016 Ministry of Tourism and Malaysian Culture
    Cultural Arts Supporter Award from the Department National Culture and Arts

  • 2013, Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia
    Art Supporter Award from the National Department of Culture and Arts

  • 2013, Penang State Level Malaysian Theatre Festival
    Monologue category: Drunk – Third place

  • 2010, Champion of the Malaysian Theatre Festival - Perlis State Level
    Monologue category: Children Playing with Fire - (eligible for National)

Latest Coverage

Pentas magazine, 2013 - ‘Bangsawan Raja Bersiong ; Kesegaran di Celah Kelesuan’
New Straits Times Streets Northern, 2012
Utusan Malaysia, 2011 - Teater Mahkamah Keadilan tahun 2011 arahan Yusnirizuwan

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