Azmi Hussin

Cartooning/Illustration, Visual Arts

Mohd Azmi Bin Mohd Hussin or otherwise known as ‘ME’ is from Butterworth, Penang. He started working as street caricaturist in 2013. Supported and inspired by Dato Lat as a mentor, Azmi produced his first comic book in English entitled “Tanjong Life” in February 2015, under Clarity Publishing. The book was officially launched by Dato Lat at ‘Made in Penang’ Interactive Museum.

In 2016, Azmi’s second comic book entitled “The Little Mamak” was published. The publication received widespread attention and recognition, and was listed among 50 of “Malaysia’s Best Titles” by the National Book Council representing Malaysia to the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany.

In March 2017, Azmi made history by producing 320 caricatures for Malaysia Book of Records’ “Most Caricature Live Paintings in 24 Hours”. The amazing feat led to various offers and opportunities under the sponsorship of Penang Global Tourism. In the same year, Azmi Hussin's third comic book titled “The Little Mamak: Lost in Bagan” was published under the sponsorship of ThinkCity.

Today, Azmi’s comic creations are not merely found in comic books and other publications, but are additionally being depicted in promotional materials and commercial decorations.

‘Kereta Saga Ayah’ Comic Drawing

‘Kereta Saga Ayah’ will be a record-breaking attempt for the longest comic panel drawing in Malaysia, depicting Malaysia’s multi-racial community by telling the story of a Proton Saga car being owned and passed on through different races and generations. The comic is filled with elements of local diversity and transcends from the 80s to the present. Aside from the record-breaking attempt, the underlying emphasis is to convey the beauty of our country’s cultural diversity to the current and future generations in an enjoyable, lighthearted, and relatable form.

Witness the artist’s amazing feat at our ArtFAS 2021 event!

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Catch Azmi Hussin in ArtsFAS
Longest Comic Strip (Malaysian Book of Record Measurement and Awards)
Azmi Hussin
Visual Arts
12 December 2021

Latest Achievement

  • 2017, Malaysia Book of Records - The Most Number of Live Caricature in 24 Hours

  • 2018, Anugerah PEKOMIK Malaysia - Anugerah KEMBARA

  • 2019, Malaysia Book of Records - Longest Coffee Painting

  • 2021, Malaysia Cartoon and Comic House - Tokoh Kartunis Pulau Pinang

Latest Coverage

Malay Mail, 14 July 2021 - ‘Penang artist Azmi Hussin’s new ‘Tanjong Life’ book focuses on the ‘new norms’ of living during a pandemic’
Free Malaysia Today, 5 March 2021 - ‘Cartoonist draws big success after repeated rejections’
Free Malaysia Today, 24 December 2020 - Penang’s legends ‘return’ to City Stadium
Astro Awani, 25 August 2019 - ‘Lukisan terpanjang menggunakan kopi diiktiraf M'sia Book of Records’

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