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MK Ridzuan Edutainment is a company based in Selangor. The company was founded by MK Ridzuan, a Seruling player who actively performs for local gigs with ‘Sekumpulan Orang Gila’ as a flutist. The group additionally participates in other local shows, events and television programmes such as AJL35 with Zizi Kirana, TV9’s Ramadhan programme with Ning Baizura & Wany Hasrita to name a few. MK Ridzuan has been in the local music scene since 2007.

MK Ridzuan additionally performs for well-being related events such as MURFEST Asia’s Premier Wellness & Lifestyle Festival, healing sessions, yoga and meditation. In 2020, he started #GengSeruling project, which encourages people to learn the art of Seruling music. The movement and community have witnessed a steady growth nationwide with approximately 430 members to date. 

MK Ridzuan currently holds a position as secretary for Persatuan Muzik Traditional Malaysia (SATRIA), a non-profit organization based in Pak Ngah Production, Kuala Lumpur. Through all available online platforms, he educates and shares insights of the music industry in Malaysia to the public. 

GengSeruling Simposium

GengSeruling Simposium is a project designed to sustain the development and ensure continuity of the art of Seruling playing in Malaysia. The project will be a local 2-hour Seruling Showcase, depicting local Seruling maestros from various cultures. This will be followed by short documentaries about the maestros; their tips and tricks on playing the Seruling and the showcase repertoires; a minus one of the showcase repertoires and free notation eBook of the songs that are being played in the showcase.

Catch this insightful experience with us at ArtsFAS 2021!

This event is supported by Yayasan Hasanah.

Catch MK Ridzuan Edutainment in ArtsFAS
#GengSeruling Simposium
MK Ridzuan Edutainment
11 December 2021

Latest Achievement

  • 2021, Pelukan Angkasa featuring Shila Amzah
    Being Top 3 for 5 weeks (still ongoing) in Carta Muzik-Muzik 36 with Sekumpulan Orang Gila

  • 2018, Paris, France
    Recording an album with Sekumpulan Orang Gila

  • 2012, Cambridge and Middlesex, UK
    Performing Malaysian Traditional Music for CIMACC2012 Symposium

Latest Coverage

Utusan Malaysia, 16 Ogos 2020 - Bermuzik Gaya SOG
Malaysiakini 17 September 2020 - Pemain Seruling Gerakkan Inisiatif Satu Rumah Satu Seruling

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