HANDS Percussion

Traditional and Contemporary Percussion

HANDS Percussion (HANDS) is a renowned Malaysian percussion ensemble that has been creating a veritable bang in the performing arts scene in Kuala Lumpur since 1997. With its ground-breaking and innovative performances, the ensemble’s performances have been highly regarded and admired as they endeavour to preserve their cultural heritage while introducing new dimensions to theatrical drumming by venturing into contemporary percussion music and instruments as well as exploring different music and cultures worldwide. 

Today, HANDS has four full-time, twenty part-time and ten trainee performers. The performers are divided into two – the original core members are known as HANDS 1 and a second team, HANDS 2 which was formed in 2005. A HANDS Gamelan Group was formed in 2007 when a custom-made gamelan set was acquired by the group from Bali, Indonesia. A double storey corner office and studio space in Sungai Buloh, Selangor has been their home for meetings, rehearsals, and creative works since 2009.

Collective Sounds – The Journey Home

A collection of reputable local artists performing their own unique sounds through a concert showcasing multiple, unique performing art genres including percussion, Chinese orchestra, vocals, dance and cross-cultural performances, to name a few.

Catch their performance at ArtsFAS 2021!

This event is supported by Yayasan Hasanah.

Catch HANDS Percussion in ArtsFAS
Untuk Mu (致你)
HANDS Percussion
25 December 2021
Rusalka (月亮颂)
HANDS Percussion
5 December 2021
HANDS Percussion
26 November 2021
Caprice of the Western Region (西域随想)
HANDS Percussion
13 November 2021
Symphony of Drums (四面鼓歌)
HANDS Percussion
30 October 2021

Latest Achievement

  • 2018, Best Production Values (16th BOH Cameronian Awards 2019) - HANDS Percussion for ‘Unbeatable’ Kaleidoscope 5 International Drumming Festival.

  • 2014, Best Original Composition (12th BOH Cameronian Awards) - Kumar Karthigesu for “The Jog’s on you” for Kaleidoscope III HANDS International Drumming Festival 2014, musical direction by Bernard Goh, presented by HANDS Percussion.

  • 2014, Best Musical Direction (12th BOH Cameronian Awards 2015) - Sugar Plum Fairy, Ng Siu Yee & Jack Wan for Tchaikovsky On Gamelan, presented by HANDS Percussion.

  • 2014, Best Solo Performance (Instrumental) (12th BOH Cameronian Awards 2015) - Tan Su Yin for “Sugar Plum Fairy” in Tchaikovsky on Gamelan, musical direction by Ng Siu Yee & Jack Wan, presented by HANDS Percussion.

  • 2012, Best Group Performance (Instrumental) - “Chapter 1: Flesh & Bone”, Best Solo Performance (Instrumental) - “Chapter 2: Mechanics – The Duet”, Best Original Composition - “Chapter 2: Mechanics – The Duet”, Best Musical Direction & Best Production Values - 10th BOH Cameronian Awards, The NEXT presented by HANDS Percussion.

Latest Coverage

Sin Chew Daily, 5 September 2021 - ‘Love My Malaysia, HANDS Percussion: To promote percussion culture is also patriotic’
Facebook, 31 August 2021 - JKKN Negeri Sembilan: Konsert Muzik Tradisional Cina
Facebook, 22 August 2021 - JKKN: Makmal Usahawan Seni Budaya (MAUS) 2021 Siri 2 (Bernard Goh, ‘Beyond Rhythm’)
Facebook, 4 August 2021 - Tedx Petaling Street: A new direction for the performing arts during this pandemic
Facebook, 12 June 2021 - 24 Festive Drums Association Malaysia: 33rd Anniversary Celebration

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