Arena Pinang

Theatre & Dance Performance, Traditional / Modern

Arena Pinang Sdn. Bhd. is a production-based company that produces dramas, films, documentaries, travelogues and other content for television, cinema and digital platforms. The company’s primary focus is towards production that promotes arts, heritage and culture. The production house was established in 12 May 2016. They are based in Pulau Pinang and consist of approximately 15 to 20 individuals.

‘Boria’ Theatre & Dance Performance

Boria is a representational performance by a group of performers led by a singer known as ‘Tukang Karang’ and 8 to 10 ‘Sailors’ who follow suit. The main performance will be supported by comedy sketches during alternate intervals. The main objective of Boria is to create and raise awareness towards arts and culture among the younger generation while entertaining through comedy sketches and songs that are relevant to current social situations. The overall performance will additionally consist of the traditional ‘Pantun’.

Watch their show here at ArtsFAS 2021!

This event is supported by Yayasan Hasanah.

Catch Arena Pinang in ArtsFAS
Boria Performance
Arena Pinang
18 November 2021

Latest Achievement

  • 2021, George Town World Heritage Award – ‘Hari George Town Bandar Warisan Dunia’ Anniversary

  • 2018, Pesta Rakyat Kedah - Performance in conjunction with ‘Pertabalan KDYMM Sultan Kedah Ke-29’

  • 2008, UNESCO - Special performance, Majlis Anugerah Watikah George Town dan Melaka

  • 2008 - ‘Boria Pulau Pinang’ performance, Dataran Merdeka

Latest Coverage

Vlog TamTam, 28 October 2018 - Boria Pulau Pinang Di Pesta Rakyat Kedah Sempena Pertabalan KDYMM Sultan Kedah Ke-29
Astro Awani, 19 December 2018 - Pulau Pinang: Boria Warisan Pulau Pinang yang harus dipertahankan
RTM, 5 December 2018 - Spm 2018: Festival Boria 2018
MySeniBudaya JKKN, 24 March 2016 - Festival Boria Penang: Boria Omara

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