Rentak Bumi (Virtual)

Sutra Foundation in association with DiDance & Dua Space Dance Theatre present Rentak Bumi  – a multi-cultural dance celebration (Webinars, Virtual & Live performances). Virtual Performance: 12.00pm:Rain Forest by Dua Space Dance Theatre Original Dance Composition Anthony Meh & Aman YapGroup Composition Dua Space Dance Theatre Original movements begin with steps on the soil of […]

#GengSeruling Simposium

GengSeruling Simposium is a project designed to sustain the development and ensure continuity of the art of Seruling playing in Malaysia. It heightens awareness, encourage transfer of knowledge and documentation, as well as create partnerships with the selected maestros. It is a public online edutainment symposium that will continue to gain traction and popularity even […]

A Bajau Folktale : Kanang and the Serimpak

KL Shakespeare Players aim to engagingly introduce Bajau culture-and-folktale through ‘Kanang and the Serimpak’ to the Malaysian community.  The strong story—a considerate female protagonist and elements of a Disney-fantasy, accompanied by our interactive performance-style will make the digital storytelling educational, entertaining and experiential.  This production will feature live actors with an illustrated-and-animated presentation, and music—all […]

Bangsawan Hikayat Si Miskin Menjadi Raja (Live Performance)

Before television came about, Bangsawan theatre was one of the main forms of entertainment as Bangsawan troupes travelled from village to village to perform. What makes it such an entertaining and unique experience is that it brings together the different facets of the arts – theatre, music, dance, poetry, comedy and even martial arts. For […]

Live Session with Raja Shariman

Pelita Hati aims to depict educational videos showing method of producing artworks and other metal objects using the traditional metal forging technique. This metal forging technique will be crafted by Malaysia’s well known and experienced sculptor, Raja Shahriman bin Raja Aziddin. He will be the instructor and mentor in the production of these educational videos. […]

Symphony of Drums (四面鼓歌)

Performance by HANDS Percussion Malaysia “COLLECTIVE SOUNDS – The Journey Home” is a collection of reputed local artists each with their own sound and unique performance. Bernard has gathered artists such as modernist Gu Zheng performer Sara Heng, renowned Malay traditional percussionist Mat Din Hussin, Malaysian soprano singer Evelyn Toh, La Voce Choir, FRESCO Harmonica […]